...are the youngest of the four Brinckhaus children raised by our parents to strive for the things that bring true satisfaction--a real walk with God, sincere service to others, loving relationships with family and friends.   

 ...are Seventh-day Adventist Christians who have a passion for seeking God through His Word and for reflecting the light of truth to others. In our experience, a relationship with God changes and empowers us and goes beyond being defined or confined by a denominational label.

...are Humboldtians to the core, meaning that we LOVE the corner of California that we are from--Humboldt County. Although one of us missed being born here by a couple of years, Humboldt is special to us for a simple reason...it is home, where we can be assured of finding love, fresh air, green trees, frigid ocean waters, familiar bends in the road, and the Creator´s presence.
...are soul sisters, best friends, vegetarians, open-minded yet loyal to personal principles, aunts to the most amazing nephew and two nieces, products of a homeschool education, proud of our South American heritage, nature lovers, potentially decent musicians...........and our similarities end about there............see individual details further below :D  

Hi there, thanks for checking out our blog. For starters, I serve an amazing God. At times I find the number of blessings God pours down on my life to be overwhelming. I am more of a quiet type, but I have an occasional tendency to get wordy so I´ll try to keep this short. I am a Spanish-English translator and Court Certified Interpreter. Languages are awesome! My translation skills are under development as a student in a Spanish Translation Graduate Program. At 26-years-old I live happily at home, although being the "only-child" in the house is probably not my preference. I like trying new things within certain limits of safety and viability. As the 3rd child I tend to be somewhat acquiescent in nature, but I do have a stubborn streak, or so I am told. The prayers and support of my parents, the presence of great friends, and the goals God has planted in my heart, make me want to smile even when no one is looking!

First things first, I often feel incompetent as a writer but unfortunately that hasn't stopped me from trying. I might be labeled the extrovert of the family though I appreciate times of solitude and sleep (student status!!). I am studying to get a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing  at an interesting place called Loma Linda University. My plans for my future beyond graduation are all in the hands of God as long as I can restrain myself from trying to snatch it away as I often do. Pray for me :D! I love my patients, especially the ones that seem to despise me. Working with them is a constant reminder that the image of God is present in all those around me even if it is sometimes beneath layers of grime that this world has stained them with. On a lighter note, I love chubby cats and running my hands through crisp tufts of cool green grass. The fast paced life of Loma Linda and the city can sometimes be thrilling but, if I am going to be completely honest, I prefer the laid back life of Northern California and miss it daily. As the 4th and youngest child, I may be somewhat spoiled, however no one wants to hear about that, so moving on. I am a student, following a hectic academic schedule, who is trying to find the balance between my spiritual, familial, scholastic, and social life. On that note, enjoy my musings and recipes and do yourself a favor by smiling today :) I am! 


GUEST CONTRIBUTOR – Emilia Goodrich-Brinckhaus
Our lovely sister Emilia conducts her own unique symphony as a friend, wife, mother, culinary adventurer, and adept multi-tasker living in the mountains of Humboldt County, CA. She and her husband are greeted daily by the hectic happiness that comes from being surrounded by three little ones under the age of 5. At different points in her life she has played flute, piano, and harp, studied Mathematics (HSU graduate), worked as a Medical Assistant, lived in Costa Rica, and milked goats with a baby strapped to her back.       

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