Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Crumble Sometimes


I crumble sometimes
Like a leaf taken with age,
Sucked of all moist life
By a hot, dust-filled wind.
Disconnected from my roots,
My petals fly away
A few at a time…
And I feel as if
I have just been born
Although I have just died.
I crumble sometimes
Like paper with lost meaning,
Robbed of all pride
In the sudden turns of slow centuries.
Torn from my cover,
My edges disintegrate first
For having been caressed most…
And I feel as if
My soul is being discovered
Although my sentences are disappearing. 
I crumble sometimes
Like a monument absently forgotten,
My future and past weathered away
By blind storms and shut eyes.
Left to testify alone,
My memories find no purpose
In sleeping bound to fading granite…
And I feel as if
An embrace has found me
Although no hand pauses to touch my collapse.
I crumble sometimes
Not because the moments are without hope,
But because I am tired of configuration.
As I break apart
All of me…each of me
Seeks for a new life.

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