Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Considering my untraditional work situation, not having a car charger for my cellphone can be a problem. It´s happened a couple of times now. I am rushing out the door going through a mental checklist—interpreter badge, water bottle, keys, sweater, cellphone, etc.  And then the screen of my phone flashes...BATTERY LOW. POWERING OFF.

I freeze for a moment, daunted by the inconvenience of not having a cellphone for the day or having to search for a handy electrical outlet between assignments. I throw my powerless phone in my bag and head off reprimanding myself for not making sure it was charged.

Being without a charged cellphone on a work day unsettles me. Yet, how often do we dive into the day without our spiritual battery, which connects us to God, charged?

Is God trying to tell me something? Is God hoping I´ll revisit the importance of spending quiet time in His power-filled presence?

I sit on the floor of my room reluctant to move from that spot until God´s purpose is accomplished. Selfish motives melt under His gaze. Fresh mercy, love, conviction, and truth turn my weakness into strength.  But the power I am receiving is not some generic, impersonal, unchanging river of electricity. No, this recharging experience is like one of those long conversations that neither person wants to end. It changes everything, just like a warm embrace from a friend who understands.

The end result (being fully charged) is important, but the time-requiring process (of making the connection and becoming charged) is irreplaceable. It´s time spent with the Divine heart that restores what I completely lack: stronger faith, compassion for others, humility, an attitude of gratitude, and familiarity with One who longs to guide me. This is what will keep me going. Only with this power will I stand up when everyone else sits down. Only by lingering near the Source of strength do I have any chance of being carried through the storm. Yes, some things are infinitely more vital than having a fully charged cellphone. Things like an early morning encounter with Truth that gives meaning to my smiles and even to my tears.

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