Thursday, December 12, 2013

What If I Gave All?

The Son looking into His Father´s concerned eyes asks, “What if I gave all?”

“Yes,” the Father replies with a catch in His tone, “A gift like that would change the world.”

I don´t quite know why a song at a benefit concert melts me deep within. No one else seems heavily affected by it. But the idea latches onto my heart because it sounds so familiar. It´s a thought that's periodically shaken me during the past two months. It´s a question that sends shivers of joy and possibility through the courts of heaven—what if someone gave all?

A true heart encounter with God´s love invades us with a devotion that dares to ask, “What if I gave all? What if this incredible love of God drives me to offer up all? What if my Jesus expects me to expend my life´s blood as He did—giving all?” These questions bring us to the brink of truly loving because LOVE in its pure essence is WILLINGLY GIVING ALL FOR ANOTHER´S BENEFIT.  

A conviction has begun to beat in my soul, the conviction that God´s people must experience God´s love at a real and astounding level before they can be empowered to do the “greater things” that Jesus promised. A human soul inundated with divine love is only possible when everything else is given away, when nothing is held back from the Creator.  

I want to follow the way of love, the way of sacrifice. I want to place all my earthly treasures on the altar and gain the One True Eternal Treasure—God.  I see this as the only way to not be pretend. I can´t stand my empty and superficial ways of loving and giving. But I don´t know what it give all.  

What does “giving all” mean when I get up off my knees? What does “giving all” mean as I step out my front door and head to work? What does “giving all” mean while I exchange words with friends and strangers? What does “giving all” mean when I make important life decisions? 

I search Jesus´ life for glimpses of what “giving all” meant to Him on the smallest scale of daily life. I am assured that the answers will come as I keep my eyes fixed on the face of Love. The question cannot stay in the back of my mind. I cannot let it slip away. I need this possibility to taunt me and tantalize me constantly. Someone, somewhere, must persist long enough to discover what it means to give ALL and it will be a priceless, pristine, and packed reflection of Divine Love. It WILL change the world.  

“…walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath GIVEN HIMSELF for us…” Ephesians 5:2

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  1. It's totally the Debt Snowball, with Gizelle Intensity, "living like now one else so later you can live like no one else"! I have that same challenge brewing in my belly. WHAT LORD, what would you have me to do? Right now? And am I willing?? Make me willing to do Thy will!