Monday, December 1, 2014

Match Made in Heaven

It was a match too perfect for coincidence. A match that made angels breathe deeply in wonder.

I walked away from it. I followed illusions. I thought there was more to life. 

At various bends in the road I wondered why my soul felt jagged and incomplete. Why did I sometimes ache inside for something I could not pronounce? Why was I restless?

One day, on a hillside covered with dry grass, I felt my heart settle. My being sank into a place that felt like home when He said, “I Love you, Ari.”

I knew then that this match was dreamed up in heaven long ago. Surfaces of my soul that had always felt lost and vulnerable had actually been fashioned to rest against the warm surface of Love.

“Your heart matches Mine,” my Invisible Companion affirmed with a nod.

It´s why I keep coming back to this hillside. It´s why I won´t look anywhere else for answers. Here I met my God. Here my heart met its match.  


  1. These words are so powerful. He's done the same for me... I always knew He was loving and personal but now I realize in a deeper way than ever that He is more than that. He is the best Friend in all the world and I just love Him. He is so so beautiful. Thanks again for sharing. Your posts always inspire and help me refocus. Refreshing too to know that there are others out there who have found Him to be so personal.

    1. It is refreshing indeed to know that others resonate with the amazing truth of God's friendship and reality! Praise God that we can find endless Love and satisfaction in knowing Him. You are a blessing, Hannah! hope to see you at GYC.