Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Poem You Are

A girl with bright eyes turns four today. Here are a few words to celebrate the niece whose life, personality, twirls, and laughs are like lines of poetry.  

It was before you were born.
I dreamt of you.
You were a poem,
A line of meaning.
I awoke with a smile of joy.  
But I soon forgot why.

I tried remembering,
How the words I had dreamt
Flowed together like running water,
And sang harmony with the rocks.
I searched the horizon,
For the lost blur of syllables
That had whispered such sweetness.

I looked into your eyes one day.
And then had to look again.
I glimpsed a word that rhymed
With the sky, and yet another
That defined the waves at my feet.
I saw meaning floating
In the depths of your smile.

You are the poem.
You are the dream.
You have found my arms.
And I awake with smiles once more.  

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