Tuesday, February 18, 2014

His Hand

“Come, let me show you something.”

He took us by the hand and pulled us to our feet. That was the day I discovered I was ready to become something different. For the first time I realized I had been sitting down when I had been created to walk in love and twirl in joy and run in the sand with my hand in His.

Something changed when His hand reached for mine, when His warm fingers covered my cold ones. Everything changed. Everything seemed suddenly touched with possibility. The clasp was strength to me; the tenderness of it was inspiration.

Time passes and I can´t imagine my life without that hand. I trust the heart that compels me to follow His footsteps across rivers and through even desert waste places. I toss and turn in the dark sometimes and can´t see His hand…I let go. But His hand finds me and His grasp tells me that He doesn´t ever want to be separated again.

I love skipping at His side. When I´m weary, He carries me. Running through green pastures, He slows His pace and lets me catch my breath. He´ll stop and point at a tree or mountaintop that might be fun to climb. We head off hand in hand.

I have to wonder at times, “Would I still be sitting in that same place if He hadn´t come that day to show me what it´s like to live life holding His hand?”

"I the LORD have called thee in righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee." Isaiah 42:6

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