Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Why my pride and God's love don't mix

True love is embodied in humility. God Himself didn´t mind appearing desperate in order to prove the sincerity of His affection. His heart longed for you almost to the point of “need” and thus He rushed to wash your feet and touch your blind eyes and sleep on the hard ground next to you. God wanted you…and so He let you mock Him, and slap His kind face, and nail His naked body to a cross. It is, in fact, the absence of pride that makes His love so powerful and undeniably pure! Empty of ulterior motives and ego, all He possessed to embrace us with was a great Love!

God-inspired falling in love requires that your pride fall away. God-inspired falling in love leads you to abandon your ego, drop to your knees and clean the dirty feet of the one you cherish.

There is a love that carries you up into dizzying happiness, but it is inevitably preceded by a Love that cast aside its crown and became your servant…Love that humbled itself and became obedient. Love can take you to heights, but only because it has traveled willingly to the depths. 

Yes, there is the exultant side to love, when the princess gets swept off her feet and basks in the care and gaze of One who adores her. But bear in mind, the only reason she can be gloriously ushered into a new life is because her Prince first threw himself down. He took the risk and humbly pursued her with everything He had.

Humility remains the only way to accept that kind of love and ultimately show that kind of love. As the princess grasps the essence of humility by witnessing the chivalrous example of her Prince, a divine romance becomes possible—a harmony of two souls who have made room for extravagant love by expelling all pride.   

“The more deeply you recognize that your pride cuts you off from God, the deeper the peace you will find.”  - J. Heinrich Arnold

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