Thursday, March 21, 2013

She Qualifies!

Part of being a Brinckhaus in our definition involves being there for your family and friends. Kari and I might be miles apart, but she supports my sometimes strange ideas and I cheer her on in her noble endeavors. When I feel lost, my mom´s prayers and understanding are usually the first things I turn to.  

Being Brinckhaus also includes having at least one small creative streak somewhere inside of you. Whether it be with words, with food, with a camera, with piano chords; we have a desire, almost a need, to create something of worth. Of course not everything we attempt to create turns out well, but our spirit continues to seek expression.

In our immediate family circle we share interests in healthy living, in nature, in God, in transgenerational bonds, and in character development, among other points described on our About Us page. Obviously, we also share our Germanic last name that continues to surprise people who are not expecting to see a Latino face with the last name Brinckhaus.

My point with all this? Well, I would like to proudly introduce our new guest contributor who, interestingly enough, qualifies as a Being Brinckhaus blog writer--Emilia Goodrich-Brinckhaus! She will grace us with occasional insights into cooking, motherhood, and more. The sisterly support,  family values, creativity, and last name which qualify her were clearly evident to Karina and me. Check out her first guest contribution below or by CLICKING HERE!

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