Thursday, March 21, 2013


Written some time ago, but the realization that my children are only lent to me for a little while is always poignant. What a privilege to get to spend some time with them!
To my babies, the loves of my life...

Every time I see you,

I am breath-taken at your beauty


Every time I hear your laughter,

I want to make it go on forever


Every time I glimpse your smile,

My heart almost bursts for love of you


Every time I hear you call me,

I run to find you wherever you are


Every time I look in your eyes

I wish I could protect your innocence always

Every time I hear you speak,
I wonder at your wisdom
Every time I see your tears,
I long to take them all from you
Every time I hear your sadness,
My own heart is crushed at the thought
that someone may one day break your heart
Every time I think of you
I realize anew that you are the very breath
Sustaining my being
It is incomprehensible how I ever lived
Without your sweetness
How I ever achieved anything
Without your inspiration.
You are the promise I held for months
Without ever seeing your face
Starting to love you
Before ever meeting in the flesh.
I think I have always known you,
I know I have always loved you,
Before you even came to be in this world,
Before you ever existed in this realm
You were always there,
The star guiding me from afar
And now the sunshine lighting my life
And warming my heart every day
Though I will never be able in this life
To show or tell you as I wish I could
The depth of what you mean to me,
I will say it as best I can
With all that is good in me
And all the strength that I have,
I love you more than anything else
And I always will.

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