Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Jesus Dreams of...

Have you ever pursued a dream relentlessly? Have you ever had a rather outlandish hope of accomplishing or conquering something? Have you ever set your heart on achieving something that others considered crazy at best, if not just plain impossible? Whether or not they actually say so, your companions hope you´ll give up the impossible dream, or at least set your sights considerably lower. For an inexplicable reason, however, you keep dreaming. You expend your energy and time working toward your goal. You refuse to let the moments of hurt, defeat, and failure along the way faze you.  

If ambition is your strong suit, perhaps this has been your experience. On the other hand, if you´re like me, you play it practical and only pursue “reasonable” goals.

My next question is going to sound weird: Have you ever died in the pursuit of a dream?

Obviously, if you´re reading this, your answer is “No.”

But Jesus did. His dream was of more value to Him than His own life.

He renounced the glory He knew, to live and die for what He loved. He rose again, conquering death, and with fresh passion returned to the self-less path of pursuit – pursuit of His one true dream.

What actually WAS this dream of His?

Well, basically……you. You are Jesus´ dream.

His thoughts are consumed with you. All His most beautiful plans are centered on you. He endlessly contemplates strategies for catching your attention and winning your devotion. Every morning He forgets that you crushed His dreams the day before. He simply wishes His love would overwhelm you.  

A simple fact of your life - Jesus has loved you all these years, with all His heart, all His soul, and all His might. Against all odds, He dreams of at least one of His children being as passionate about Him as He is about them. His dream seems outlandish. He´s dreaming that one day you will purely love Him…not because He NEEDS your love in the grand scheme of things, but because being in a superficial, one-sided relationship with you breaks His lover´s heart. The disconnect between you and him burdens His soul. He doesn´t just want your hand. He doesn´t need you to play the Christianity game. He doesn´t need you to say the right thing, or say anything at all.  He´s just longing for you to receive His love and love Him back. And He won´t give up.  

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